Shocolaatje 002
CountryThe Netherlands
Favorite animalBear
Favorite travel destinationNorway
Where I met my humansI was gifted!

About Shocolaatje

Shocolaatje is from the Netherlands, and she is a real fashionista! Currently, the little teddybear lives in Deventer, a lovely city with cozy historic architecture and a laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for taking leisurely walks. The warm and friendly local community adds a personal touch to its charm, making it a delightful place to live in. Shocolaatje likes to design her own clothes and do other crafty stuff. In addition, she likes to cook too. Shocolaatje recently acquired a big house, that she enjoys decorating to her own liking. Because of this, she is very much looking forward to Christmas, because then she can go all-out with her holiday decorations! In the summer vacation, Shocolaatje often goes to the forest, and when she’s lucky, she gets to travel to Norway with her human to stay with her humans’ boyfriend.

Travel with Shocolaatje

Shocolaatje has visited several destinations; her favorite was Disneyland Paris. There, she can have the most incredible adventures ever: riding awesome roller coasters, meeting all her favorite Disney heroes, and eating delicious treats. It’s a place where dreams come true! In addition to Disneyland Paris, Shocolaatje was charmed by Rome, a beautiful city. Rome is renowned for its ancient history, with iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and Roman Forum, as well as its mouthwatering cuisine, including pasta, pizza, and gelato. In the future, Shocolaatje would love to go to Prague to see the pretty architecture and taste the culture. From an outsider’s perspective, Prague is a captivating city that feels like stepping into a fairy tale, with its enchanting castles, cobblestone streets, and the timeless beauty of Charles Bridge. The rich history and warm hospitality of the locals make it an unforgettable destination that welcomes travelers with open arms.

Shocolaatje’s Snapshots

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