Rescue Bear

Rescue Bear 003
Rescue Bear
NameRescue Bear
CountryUnited Kingdom
Favorite animalPig
Favorite travel destinationPeak District
Where I met my humansStafford, United Kingdom

About Rescue Bear

Back in 2011, Rescue Bear was found in the gutter by the side of the road. Neglected and unloved, covered in mud and with one ripped ear, he had been living on the streets in untold horror. After a lot of soap, hot water, and plenty of love, the little teddybear came up as good as new and began his new life of fun and adventures. Rescue Bear’s adopted human parents aren’t sure where he came from but ‘RB’ now lives in North Staffordshire in the United Kingdom.

RB is a brave and optimistic bear who brings joy to everyone he meets. He likes nothing more than a road trip, and loves to travel and discover new places and meet new people and plushies. Since 2016, he has worked in theatre as a mascot in the wardrobe department of touring theatre productions. This means he has access to loads of different clothes and has lots of dapper outfits. When he’s not working, he enjoys walks in the countryside (especially the nearby Peak District), reading, drinking coffee, and chilling out to the max. He’s much better at chilling out than his human Mum, but does his best to teach her the ways of relaxation.

Travel with Rescue Bear

Rescue Bear lives for adventures and the open road, wherever that may take him. He spent his early years as a dashboard dude in a crazy old minibus, which had been converted into a campervan. He travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and went to loads of festivals. He’s even been to the world-famous Glastonbury festival – only as a punter though, his humans expect that if he went now, he’d probably get a headliner’s slot! RB’s been abroad lots too, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Nepal, India… He’s especially good at sneaking through customs by pretending to be an inanimate object in the ruck sack. Customs falls for it every time! RB recommends taking every opportunity you can to travel and explore the world, whether it’s a big adventure or just a day trip. In the United Kingdom he especially recommends the Peak District, which is always beautiful no matter the weather, and if you go to Bakewell, you can get the best deserts in England – in his own distinguisged opinion, of course. Rescure Bear’s favourite place abroad so far is Nepal. He had such an amazing time there; it’s a wonderfully fascinating and diverse place and the people were extremely friendly! Looking forward, RB would love to go to Tokyo. He’s heard it’s a fantastic place where they love plushies and all things cute!

Rescue Bear’s Snapshots

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