Enrico & Leopold

Enrico & Leopold 003
Enrico & Leopold
NameEnrico & Leopold
CityNew Jersey
CountryUnited States of America
Favorite animalBowtruckle
Favorite travel destinationAsbury Park
Where I met my humansThe Harry Potter Exhibition, New York City

About Enrico & Leopold

Enrico is a creative, different-minded bowtruckle who is head over heels in love with his boyfriend, Leopold. So much so that he started an Instagram account to show the world their love. Enrico is also very sentimental, taking pictures of people he meets on his adventures throughout Stuffed Animal Town and out in the world. His favorite food is anything sweet. Next year, Leopold will be going to college to Enrico will go on a journey of self-discovery and will try all sorts of new hobbies. Leopold is smart and doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He wears big sunglasses or a fur coat out to the mall. Even though their Instagram account is only a year old, it seems like Enrico and Leopold have been together forever . The bowtruckles – originally characters from a J.K. Rowling story, but now so much more! – love sending out messages not to judge others and to live peacefully. Giving them a camera really opened up a window into their life.

Travel with Enrico & Leopold

One of Leopold and Enrico’s favorite adventure spots is Asbury Park, where they go shopping for unique clothes and frolic on the warm sand of the beachfront city. Cousin’s Maine Lobster is their favorite restaurant, at the corner table. Enrico will do anything for tater tots! The two bowtruckles also like to go to Asbury to see one of their favorite bands, local band, Indigo Sky at the Stone Pony, and can often be found at Freehold or Ocean County Mall to (you guessed it) buy some new threads. Enrico knows how to sew and Leopold knows how to rock the outfits. The two of them also enjoy going to parks to climb trees and play hide and seek with their friends. Since the bowtruckles go where the fun is, their whereabouts can be pretty random; but not to worry: Enrico will post whenever he feels inspirational, and you’ll soon find the two critters again!

Enrico & Leopold’s Snapshots

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Enrico & Leopold 003

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