Pops the Bear

Pops the Bear 001
Pops the Bear
NamePops the Bear
CityOak Park
CountryUnited States of America
Favorite animalBear
Favorite travel destinationWisconsin, U.S.A.
Where I met my humansThe Lolli & Pops candy store

About Pops the Bear

Pops is a little teddybear from the U.S.A., who lives in Oak Park, Illinois. There, he resides with his humans, who often take photos of him and post them on his Instagram page. Oak Park is a hidden gem with its cozy vibe and lush green parks. In the fall, the trees put on a spectacular color show that’s Instagram-worthy for sure! When not out exploring the city, Pops loves cuddles, Heath bars, and his friend BabyCakes Alice. He also has several bear brothers: Tower and Astro, Blinky, Miyoni the koala, and more. Whenever one of his plushie friends, near or far, writes him a letter, Pops loves to reply to their ‘plushiemail’.

Travel with Pops the Bear

Recently, Pops the Bear went with his family to Wisconsin. Wisconsin might be known for its cheese, but the U.S. state features stunning lakes and beautiful natural scenery as well. In Wisconsin, Pops and his family went to Milwaukee and visited the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, designed by the famous architect Frank Loyd Wright. They also went to a place called Taliesin, the summer residence of the architect. While traveling, Pops stayed at a hotel in a place called Richland Center, Wisconsin. Richland Center is a small town surrounded by lush green forests, filled with great hiking trails. As for future travel plans, Pops the Bear would love to visit Massachusetts, where BabyCakes Alice lives, or visit some of his plushie friends: his bear pals Bob Smith and BDMed Bear in the United Kingdom, Popcorn and Jerry in Canada, or Peter Bear in Paris, France.

Pops the Bear’s Snapshots

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