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When you travel, it is important that you take the right travel accessories with you, so you won’t miss anything during your trip. There are many types of travel equipment to choose from, such as outdoor backpacks and tents. There are also several smaller items you should bring such as a travel guide, a compact wallet, a flashlight and small toiletries. All these items are easy to buy online. It is important that you choose those supplies that best suit your travel plans.

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Various travel items for every trip

Buying the right travel equipment is essential for ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. Equipment ranges from clothing and toiletries to more specialized items such as a guidebook, GPS or travel pouch. The requirements are of course also different per type of trip / holiday. For a beach holiday, for example, take sunscreen, swimwear and a beach towel with you. For a mountain holiday, sturdy hiking boots, a water bottle, sunglasses, warm clothing, an altitude compass, and more are required. For a city trip you can take a (digital) city map, a small backpack and a camera. It all depends on what kind of trip your planning!

Create a checklist for travel essentials

Making a travel equipment checklist is a great way to avoid forgetting something important. Here are some tips to help you create a good checklist:

  • Start by determining your destination first. Consider the climate and conditions will be in. For example, if you go to the mountains, you will need different equipment than when you go to the coast.
  • Make a list of all the items you need to take with you. Think about everything: clothes, toiletries, food, clothing lines, medicines, equipment, etc.
  • Divide your list into categories, e.g.: clothing, toiletries, electronics, etc.
  • Prioritize the items on the list. Make sure the most essential items are at the top.
  • Now it’s time to scrap! Most likely you don’t actually need half of the things you wrote down. When it comes to traveling – and especially backpacking – it is always good to pack as little as possible. Determine what is really essential and what is not.
  • Check the list a few times. Make sure you have all the supplies and check that everything is still in order. For example, you don’t want to bring a half-empty first aid kit.

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