Stuffed Animal Fish

Whether you take a dip in the sea or in a lake, you are bound to encounter a few fish. There are as many as 32,000 species! Fish, like birds, come in all colors and sizes all over the world. Because there are so many species of fish, there are also many species of stuffed animal fish. These stuffed animal fish are not as at home in the water as their real-life counterparts, but they allow themselves to be washed easily. Which kind of fish suits you best?

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Fish plushie characteristics

Fish, like dolphins, sea turtles and other aquatic animals, live below the surface of the water. Thus, they need to be able to breathe underwater. They do this through gills that are in contact with the water, allowing oxygen to enter their bodies. You can recognize stuffed animal fish by these special gills, as well as by their scales and often streamlined shape.

Most fish have scales that cover their bodies to protect them from bacteria and predators. The scales of stuffed animal fish, on the other hand, are nice and soft for good cuddling. They are also good at giving kisses: stuffed animal fish can be recognized by their thick and soft lips!

Famous Fish (available as stuffed animals)

The most famous fish in pop culture is undoubtedly Nemo, from the popular animated film Finding Nemo (2003), produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The story revolves around a clown fish named Marlin who is looking for his son Nemo, who has been caught by a fisherman. Marlin and his new friend, a forgetful fish named Dory, travel to Sydney to find Nemo. The film won an Academy Award for best animated feature and is one of the most successful animated films ever made. The sequel Finding Dory (2016) also became very popular.

In addition to Pixar, Disney also came up with some famous fish, including goldfish Cleo from Pinocchio (1940) and the round, yellow flatfish Flounder from The Little Mermaid (1989). Additionally, within the world of animation, a goldfish starred in Studio Ghibli’s fairy tale Ponyo (2009) and the bluestreak cleaner wrasse Oscar battled sharks in Shark Tale (2004). All of these popular fish were immortalized as stuffed animals. Some “real” fish also gained worldwide fame: for example, the great white shark from Jaws (1975), the bloodthirsty fish from Piranha (2010) and the flying monsters from Sharknado (2013).

Finally, there is the classic picture book The Rainbow Fish (1992), written by Marcus Pfister. The story follows a little blue fish named Rainbow; the most beautiful fish in the sea. Rainbow is proud and vain, but learns a wise lesson in the book. Rainbow can now swim right into your heart too, in stuffed animal form!

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