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The blue whale is the largest animal on earth, averaging about 26 to 30 meters in length! The behemoth is also the largest of the whales. Whale stuffed animals are therefore often impressive animals. Fortunately, plushie whales are not as big and heavy as the animals they’re based on, but they still look very majestic! They are just a lot smaller and a lot softer, which makes it easier to keep them around the house.

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Whale plushie characteristics

Whales are the largest animals on Earth and have several features that help them survive. For example, whales have a thick layer of fat (blubber) to protect their bodies against the cold of the deep oceans in which they live. In stuffed animals, this blubber translates to a nice thick, soft coat.

Most whales have a long tail that aids them in their speed and agility in the water. Whales can also be recognized by their long, narrow snout and large fins. Both whales and stuffed animal whales have unique and complex social lives. For example, they live in groups and love to play with each other. Under water they encounter many other animals, such as dolphins and many different fish. Whales are peaceful animals. They have only two natural predators: orcas and humans.

Famous Whales (available as stuffed animals)

The most famous whale of all time is Moby Dick, the gigantic white sperm whale from the American novel of the same name, written by Herman Melville in 1851. The story, told for sailor Ishmael, is about Captain Ahab’s maniacal search for the white sperm whale, on whom he wants to exact revenge. The novel is a very detailed account of the techniques, customs and habits of 19th century whaling. The story is a fascinating mix of adventure, philosophy, religion and politics. Moby Dick is one of the most influential books in American literary history. While specific Moby Dick plushies are not easy to find, there are plenty of white stuffed animal whales on the market.

It will be easier to find a plush toy that resembles Walt Disney’s singing whale from the short film Willie the Operatic Whale (1946). In addition, most humpback plushies resemble Charlie, the humpback whale from the Australian television series Ocean Girl (1994). The series revolves around Neri, an unusual girl who lives alone on a deserted island. Neri’s best friend Charlie is a humpback whale, with whom she can communicate.

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