About Us

Pim Razenberg

Content creator Pim Razenberg is an experienced traveler who’s been roaming the planet for many years. After a stint in the Dutch film industry, he lived and worked in Romania, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. Pim is currently working in the Netherlands, bringing creative new projects to fruition and writing a novel detailing his journeys across the world.

Rebeka Razenberg

Traveler Rebeka (Rotter) Razenberg lived in all corners of the globe. She worked in Hungary, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Thailand and volunteered in Ghana and Georgia. Transylvanian blood runs through her veins, which she keeps in check through daily meditation and a host of creative pleasure projects. When not on the road, Beki thrives for being a compassionate psychologist.

My Humans

Pim and Beki, as seen through the eyes of our travel mascot Fluffy:

Is there anything more silly in the world than a human? They create the oddest art pieces, admire the strangest heroes and have the weirdest hobbies. Though I started out with one human, I now keep two. They feed me, carry my luggage when I travel and join me as I visit some of the world’s most awesome places. Sometimes I believe they think they own me, but all my plushie friends agree; humans can sometimes be a little delusional.

My humans names are Pim and Rebeka – Beki for short. Pim is from the Netherlands and Beki is from Romania. They met in Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania. Pim, who runs PPJR Media, was working there for public television when Beki returned home from volunteering in Ghana. Right from the start it was incredibly difficult for me to keep them apart, so I decided to keep them both!

My humans have been incredible in helping me achieve my goals. Just take a look at my Instagram account, or at our Art for Charity project Draw for Wild Cats! After travelling Southeast Asia and the Pacific together we all moved back to the Netherlands, where we are now enjoying every day Dutch life, eating cheese and riding bicycles… but don’t worry, our international adventures are far from over! 🐾

Fluffy H. Nijdam
Fluffy with Pim and Beki on Normanby Island, Australia
Normanby Island, Frankland Island, Australia (Credit: PPJR Media)