Stuffed Animal Birds

Whether it is a dove or a cute sparrow, we hear the beautiful whistling of birds almost every day. In total, there are more than 10,000 species of birds all over the world. But did you know that in addition to regular birds, there are also many different species of stuffed animal birds? There is a large variety in bird plushies; they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Which soft and cute stuffed bird will you go for?

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Bird plushie characteristics

Stuffed animal birds can be divided into countless of different species. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics by which you can easily recognize almost all birds. For example, you can often recognize stuffed animal birds by their beautiful wings and beaks! Every bird shines in its own way: parrots, for example, have a distinctive red, blue or green beak, and peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers – at least, the males!

The best thing about birds is that you will encounter different species all over the world, just like with fish. Some stuffed animal birds like a nice warm climate and others like the icy cold. The species worldwide are almost infinite: there are graceful swans, urban pigeons, water-loving gulls, dark ravens, singing starlings and colorful pheasants!

In addition to these familiar birds, there are plenty of more rare stuffed animal birds. These include the giant ibis, which can grow up to a meter tall, and the wise snowy owl which can camouflage itself in the snow. A few birds standout in their uniqueness; the flightless birds! Examples of these rarities are dodos, kiwis, and pukekos – but they also include the more familiar ostriches, penguins and chickens!

Famous Birds (available as stuffed animals)

For quite a few years, several iconic birds have existed in the media. Consider, for example, the funny little yellow canary Tweety from the Looney Tunes (1930) and his colleagues: the wacky duck Daffy Duck, South American rooster Foghorn Leghorn, the simple buzzard Beaky Buzzard and the ultra-fast roadrunner Road Runner. In addition, Mufasa’s wise, trusted advisor, the African red-billed hornbill Zazu from The Lion King (1994), is also world famous, as is his Disney colleague advisor Iago from Aladdin (1992).

Birds also occasionally fulfill the role of the main stars themselves: for example, the film Rio (2011) is about the adventures of a neurotic Spix’ macaw named Blu, who travels to Rio de Janeiro with a friend. Together, the two go in search of Blu’s peers. The film received rave reviews for its animation, music and humor. Surf’s Up (2007) in turn features a surfing penguin, Happy Feet (2006) has penguins dancing their hearts out, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010) has owls acting as superheroes and the Finnish aggressive Angry Birds (2009) are a definitive mainstay in popular media! All these famous birds have also stolen many hearts in their stuffed animals form.

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