Stuffed Animal Lizards

Buying a plushie lizard is a nice idea for stuffed animal lovers who also love reptiles. It is a fun and original gift for all ages. Stuffed animal lizards are unique within the world of soft toys; some look cute, others are truly monstrous. Their resemblance to dragons makes them stand out among the plushie animals. There’s a lizard for everyone!

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Here are some of the cutest, most lovable plushie lizards! These cuties will redirect you to our partner site; buying a stuffed animal through our website helps us support the conservation of the world’s wild cat population.

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Lizard plushie characteristics

Stuffed animal lizards usually have scales on their bodies, four toes on each leg and a long tail. You can quickly recognize them by their bulging pupils that are able to focus at close range. Plushie lizards also have a strong, flexible tongue that they use to catch or obtain food.

Lizards are related to frogs and crocodiles, as well as the mighty dinosaurs. This is clearly reflected in the huge Komodo dragons from Indonesia and the monitor lizards from Southeast Asia. One of the most interesting lizards is the chameleon, which can adapt to its environment. Chameleon plushies are therefore available in all colors of the rainbow.

Famous Lizards (available as stuffed animals)

It may surprise you, but there are quite a few famous lizards in the media. For example, you may be familiar with the iconic lizard Godzilla. He is a giant lizard-like dragon born from radiation after a nuclear explosion. Godzilla is a well-known cult hero and has been featured in many movies, television series, video games and other media.

A popular movie starring a lizard is Rango (2011). Rango is an eccentric chameleon in search of fame in the Mojave Desert. When the chameleon arrives in the town of Dirt, he discovers that the town is in deep trouble. Rango takes it upon himself to solve the town’s problems and save its residents.

Disney also used the lizard several times in its films. In The Rescuers Down Under (1977), the mean monitor lizard Joanna played a large role, trying to eat the neurotic frill-necked lizard Frank, as well as the eggs of a giant golden eagle. Additionally, in Frozen 2 (2019), Bruni appeared, a salamander with an innocent appearance and a fiery character, and in Tangled (2010), Princess Rapunzel is joined on her adventures by her best friend Pascal. Pascal is a green chameleon, with the ability to change color. He has a feisty personality and acts as Rapunzel’s self-appointed protector. Immortalized as a chameleon plushie, Pascal is the most popular lizard soft toy ever created.

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