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Here are some of the cutest, most lovable plushie dinosaurs! These cuties will redirect you to our partner site; buying a stuffed animal through our website helps us support the conservation of the world’s wild cat population.

About Dinosaur Plushies

There are currently over 700 different species of dinosaurs that have been identified and named. Among the most famous ones are the tyrannosaurus Rex, the brachiosaurus, the triceratops, the velociraptor and the stegosaurus. All of these monstrous, primal lizards have since been turned into dinosaur plushies.

Dinosaur plushie characteristics

Dinosaur plushies can be cute and cartoonish, but some have very realistic designs. When it comes to stuffed animal dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone! Stuffed animals modeled after dinosaurs closely resemble dragon plushies, lizard plushies and lizard-like plushies, such as crocodiles and alligators. The color palette used in dinosaur plushies is often bright and colorful, featuring contrasting colors such as green and orange. Since there were many types of dinosaurs, there are many types of dinosaur plushies as well. We’ve listed a few of the most popular ones.

Famous Dinosaurs (available as stuffed animals)

The Stuffed Animal T-Rex

The most famous and perhaps even most popular dinosaur is the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex’ fame grew immensely after its inclusion in Jurassic Park (1993) and has been dubbed as ‘the king of the dinosaurs’. Tyrannosaurus Rex plushies are equally popular, and thankfully, a lot more cuddly than the real deal.

The Stuffed Animal Brachiosaurus

The classic Brachiosaurus is another world famous dinosaur. The immense lizard is known for its extremely long neck and tail, and its towering height. Like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Brachiosaurus was also featured in Jurassic Park. Much like with giraffe plushies, there are many giant plushies modeled after the Brachiosaurus.

Other Popular Stuffed Animal Dinos

Other popular dinosaurs in plushie form are the instantly recognizable Triceratops, the dangerous Velociraptor, the wandering castle known as the Stegosaurus, the fearsome Spinosaurus, and the flying Pterodactyl and Peranodon. Stuffed animal dinosaurs are closely related to dragon plushies and frog plushies.