Stuffed Animal Objects

Not all plushies resemble popular animals such as elephants or dogs. Every now and then a stuffed toy appears that looks completely different: in fact, did you know that there are countless stuffed toys that are based or objects instead of living creatures? The most popular object plushies are those based on well-known characters from movies, television series, games and other media. For example, there is Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars (2006) and Thomas the steam locomotive from Thomas & Friends (1984).

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Object plushie characteristics

The characteristics of stuffed objects vary widely, as expected. After all, there are many diverse objects in the world. There are cars, telephones, cutleries, candles, you name it. Still, most object plushies are made of wonderfully soft materials, such as cotton, fleece and velour. They usually have light padding, which makes even cuddling a Space Shuttle pleasant!

Most stuffed objects are based on characters featured in series and movies. These are often so-called anthropomorphic objects that can move and talk. For example, there is the stuffed animal collection of Bob the Builder (1997). In addition, many famous objects were also turned into stuffed animals: think about spacecrafts, trains, sports equipment, weapons and more.

Famous Objects (available as stuffed animals)

A very famous movie that features many different anthropomorphic objects is, of course, Beauty and the Beast (1991). Belle is an intelligent, adventurous and brave young woman who longs for more than the everyday life in her village. Once trapped in the Beast’s castle, Belle is introduced to his servants, including the teapot Mrs. Potts, the old-fashioned clock Cogsworth and the candelabra Lumière. All were immortalized multiple times as stuffed animals.

Other famous stuffed objects are based on landmarks such as the steel Eiffel Tower or the classic Big Ben. These soft toys, like teddy bears and other stuffed animals, are made of soft materials and often have a very realistic shape, or just an exaggerated appearance to make the toys appear to be cute.

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