Stuffed Animal Hippos

Hippos belong to the “big five,” a group of unique animals that are considered the most impressive forms of wildlife in Africa. The big five also includes lions, leopards, elephants and buffalo. All the big five animals have one thing in common: they are all large, sturdy animals that live in Africa. Stuffed animal hippos are extra special within this group, since they are the only natural born swimmers in the group!

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Hippo plushie characteristics

Stuffed animal hippopotami are large, sturdy animals with small ears. Their real life counterparts are mainly found in Africa. They have a fairly long neck and short legs. A hippo plushie’s head is often very wide and their fur is usually dark brown or grey, with light and dark spots.

Hippos are animals that like to live in rivers and lakes. They have strong stamina and can swim very long distances. Luckily, plushie hippos can also have a good time in your home. The animals are very social and love company; your special stuffed animal hippo will be very loyal to you!

Famous Hippos (available as stuffed animals)

As a member of the big five, it is not unexpected that several hippo characters exist in movies and series. Such is the case in the movie Madagascar (2005), where one of the main characters is a hippo. Her name is Gloria and she is friendly, overweight hippo, who servea as the voice of reason for her friends. In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008), the African hippo Moto Moto appeared in the series, which sparked a meme based on his flirtatious behavior; the one-liner “I think Moto Moto likes you” became a popular phrase on the Internet.

Other well-known hippos can be found in Fantasia (1940), where they danced around in tutus; in Cats Don’t Dance (1997), which featured Tillie Hippo; and in George and Martha (1972), a children’s book series by James Marshall about two hippos.

Additionally, in the Netherlands, hippo Dirk Dickerdack is a cultural icon: Dirk is an important character from the well-known comic book series Tom Poes (1941). He is the intelligent but somewhat clumsy mayor from Rommeldam. Many of these famous hippos mentioned were immortalized as hippo stuffed animals.

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