Giant Teddy Bears & Stuffed Animals

Sometimes, a simple stuffed animal just isn’t enough. Even if you’ve searched through the entire list of the most popular stuffed animals out there, you might still feel you haven’t exactly found what you’re looking for. To treat yourself, or that special someone you wish to surprise with a cuddly gift, you need to go bigger. So why not do so literally?

Giant Teddy Bears

Teddy bears offer comfort and love, and are always in for a good cuddle. They come in all shapes and sizes: from tiny keychain-versions to gigantic, life-sized teddy’s. The giant teddy bear is one of the greatest and most popular teddy bear-related inventions since the days of the Roosevelt teddy bear. There are now hundreds of types of big teddy bears out there. These big bears come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some are made to look extremely adorable, while others are designed to look just like real bears.

Life-sized teddy bears became very popular as Valentine’s Day gift and Christmas gifts, but also as birthday gifts for children. Additionally, the giant teddy bears also became very popular with adults, as the enormous critters are able to lighten up their rooms and bring some warmth into their houses. And yes, even adults like to snuggle up against a big teddy bear every once in a while to read a good book!

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Giant Stuffed Animals

Of course, the teddy bear isn’t the only stuffed animal who’s allowed to go big! There are plenty of giant stuffed animals out there as well. Currently, the most popular big stuffed animal types are the unicorn, the elephant, the giraffe and the dog. The popularity of huge stuffed elephants and large stuffed giraffes is perhaps unsurprising: it seems there’s just something special about being able to cuddle these gentle giants in your own home!

Other popular large stuffed animals are horses, monkeys, sloths, llamas, bunnies, cats, tigers, lions, dragons, pigs and wolves. One of our personal favorites, though, is naturally the giant leopard.

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The Biggest Teddy Bear in the World

There are giant teddy bears, and there are giant teddy bears. On 28 April 2019, the residents of the Mexican town of Xonacatlán entered the Guinness Book of World Records: for over three months, they had worked together on creating the biggest teddy bear in the world. To create the huge teddy, the same materials were used as for the production of regular store-bought stuffed animals. The result was a 19.41 meters long teddy bear by the name of Xonita, with an approximate volume of 451.48 m³. The enormous teddy bear is currently the largest teddy bear in the world, which makes it the largest stuffed animal in the world by default.

Xonita was created as part of a publicity drive to bring the town of Xonacatlán to the attention of tourists. The event during which the huge teddy bear was revealed coincided with the celebration of El Día Del Niño (Children’s Day). Xonita was displayed at the local stadium of Xonacatlán.

The largest teddy bear in the world
“You’re going to need a bigger boat!” (Credit: AFP/Mario Vasquez)

The World’s Largest Sock Monkey

Sock monkeys are made from socks, and are often fashioned in the likeness of a monkey. They are very popular folk art toys, and most often homemade. Usually, they are mid-sized stuffed toys. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you tried to make one out of 66 calf-length socks? Jody Lewis, from Bridgwater, United Kingdom, did just that!

Lewis spent a full week cutting up socks and stitching them back together. After a lot of hard work, she completed her work, setting the record for the creation of the worlds’ largest sock monkey! Stuffed with 15 kilogram of hollowfibre, her gigantic stuffed monkey was brought to life in February 2015.

“I’ve got a big list of things that I want to do in life and breaking a world record was one of them,” Lewis told the World Record Academy. That, she certainly did! Lewis’ monkey is currently still the record holder for being the largest sock monkey in the world. It is 3.19 meters tall and weights 16 kilograms.

The largest sock monkey in the world
Jody Lewis and her massive sock monkey (Credit: Bridgwater Mercury)

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