On Instagram, there’s a niche for everything. From the beautiful to the strange, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps one of the most adorable photographic niches on Instagram is the plushie community. The plushie community largely consist of stuffed animals wandering the world, offering followers a look into what their daily lives look like without their humans around. Filled with adorable photographic creatures going about their daily lives, this amazing little community continues to grow every day.

Travel the World With Instagram’s Plushie Community

The plushie community counts approximately 20,000 unique accounts. Many of them interact with each other through posts, comments and direct messaging and even through ordinary mail. The community is united through the Instaplushies, a colorful account with the mission to “unite all plushies on Instagram and give them a platform to shine on”. The Instaplushies select the best pictures out of the tens of thousands of contributions that are being send in, and the account’s followers can vote which picture of the community’s latest member they enjoy the most.

A community of love and adventure

Despite being fronted by thousands of adorable soft toys, the plushie community is one of the honest and most lovable groups on Instagram: creative individuals from around the world interact with each other through the social network, often arranging international “plushie meetups” to get to know each other in real life.

Looking back at the tradition of sending home postcards while traveling abroad, the community adapted the concept of “plushiemail”, where account-owners send each other postcards from across the globe in the name of their stuffed animal. Since the plushies form a global community, plushie mail often sending localized traditional gifts to one another.

The Top Accounts to Follow

Take a look at some of the most famous stuffed animals on Instagram, including the Llama With No Drama, Martin the Bear, Fluffy the Bite-Sized Backpacker, and Flinki and Flora.