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What exactly is an outdoor or hiking backpack?

An outdoor/hiking backpack is a special type of backpack that is designed for use in the open air during, for example, for long trips, hiking or trekking adventures. The backpacks are often larger and more robust than regular backpacks. They are also designed in such a way that you can carry a lot of stuff on your trip and pack it very efficiently. In a good backpack, everything you bring with you lies within reach, something that is often impossible with a regular suitcase. The backpacks are often equipped with a metal frame or other advanced system to provide extra support to the back and shoulders. This makes it easy to carry the large bag without putting too much strain on your (lower) back.

The specifics of an outdoor backpack vary depending on the brand, but in general these backpacks are equipped with a number of important features that are specially designed for outdoor use. For example, the number of storage compartments, adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps and chest and hip straps for better weight distribution. Often accessories can also be added, such as rain covers. It is important to choose the right backpack for your specific trip or activity. The size and capacity of the backpack should be appropriate for the distance and duration of your adventure.

Find the perfect backpack for your next adventure

Finding a good backpack for your next adventure is of great importance to make your trip comfortable and successful. If you plan to be away for a longer period of time, it is important to choose a large – but not too large – outdoor backpack. Outdoor backpacks are specially designed for the real adventurer. They have room for all your stuff and travel gear, such as clothing, food, gadgets and other travel equipment.

Large backpacks are often made of water-repellent material and are specially optimized for outdoor use. It is important to know that the correct size of the backpack on the one hand depends on the distance and duration of the trip – in other words, the amount of things you will pack – and on the other hand on your own size and weight. When purchasing a backpack, it is important to look at the capacity of the backpack and to wear it as a test. It is recommended to choose a backpack that contains about 20-25% of your body weight; this way you avoid annoying injuries to your shoulders and back.

Outdoor backpacks are best combined with smaller backpacks, such as a daypack or a small bite-sized backpack. The latter backpacks are handy little backpacks that you can take with you (in addition to your large backpack) on a trip, to only take your essential items with you on day trips. There are many options for the style, color and patterns of the backpacks, which means you can match the backpack with your personal style.

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