All around the world, wild cats are losing their homes. Deforestation is leading to significant habitat losses for big cats, which makes it difficult for the cats to survive. While habitats are shrinking, poaching also remains a threat. Leopards, lions, and tigers are hunted for their prized furs, or become the victim of revenge killings after attacking livestock.

Luckily, there are also people who do their best to sustain the world’s wild cat populations. There are many conversations programs set up around the globe, who fight for the survival of big cats. Great examples of organizations we love are the Wild Cat Conservation Centre and the World Wildlife Fund, who’s ‘Adopt a Leopard‘-program you can read more about on our homepage.

Since our very own mascot Fluffy is a big cat himself, we started the campaign #drawforwildcats to raise funds for the welfare of wild cats and the preservation of their habitats.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. Draw a picture of Fluffy, ‘the bite-sized backpacker’ in your own style.
  2. Upload it to Instragram, tagging @thebitesizedbackpacker and using the #drawforwildcats hashtag – or send your admission to
  3. With your permission, we create cool merchandise based on your work through RedBubble – we’ll create t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and more!
  4. Share your art with the world to drive sales.
  5. Profits are donated to the benefit of the world’s wild cats through accredited wild cat conservation programs.
  6. Do you want a share of the profits, instead of donating it all? Let us know! We’ll make a special arrangement for you.

Leave your wallet in your pocket, and take out your pencil – your art will help create sustainable environments for the world’s big cat population! 💕🐆

Artworks Draw for Wild Cats
Artwork based on ‘The Bite-Sized Backpacker (Credit: Relly, Freshy & Saeki Kensuke)

‘Draw for Wild Cat’ Merchandise

The designs in the ‘Draw for Wild Cats’-line were created for the #drawforwildcats-campaign, in order to raise funds for the welfare of wildcats and the preservation of their habitats. Browse the beautiful apparel and merchandise from the ‘Draw for Wild Cats’-line in our shop. You purchase; we donate!

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Leopard Resting in Tree
Join our campaign ‘Draw for Wild Cats’ to save the world’s big cats (Credit: Pixabay)