The Tiny Cars

Tiny Cars 001
The Tiny Cars
NameThe Tiny Cars
CountryUnited States
Favorite animalFish
Favorite travel destinationSequoia National Park, CA, United States of America
Where I met my humansOrange County, CA, United States of America

About the Tiny Cars

The Tiny Cars currently live with their human friend in the beautiful state of Oregon, California in the United States. Oregon is home to a lavish coffee culture, delicious donuts, and stunning natural scenery. The Tiny Cars love documenting their travels, going on foodie adventures to discover new tastes, and just enjoying daily fun experiences.

Based on the popular cars from the Pixar franchise of the same name, the Tiny Cars family includes the lovable Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Sterling, Cad Spinner, Grem, Acer, and Professor Zundapp. Together, they drive into new adventures on the open road.

Travel with the Tiny Cars

The Tiny Cars love going on hikes (or rather, drives) in nature, enjoying sweet boba tea, visiting art museums, and hanging out with their human friend. Their favorite destination is the Sequoia National Park, which features over 8,000 sequoia trees, including the park’s most famous resident, the General Sherman Tree – the largest tree in the world by volume. The Tiny Cars also enjoy driving up to Yosemite National Park, with its splendid waterfalls and free-roaming wildlife.

Other favorite destinations include Zion National Park, Charleston, Asheville, and Orlando. Their next trip will take them across the world to Berlin, Germany. The little cars share the passionate goal of traveling the world nomadically with their human friend. Meanwhile, they hope to bring a little bit of joy to anyone who stumbles upon their Instagram, where visitors can see the Tiny Cars’ perspective of how they view the world.

The Tiny Cars’ Snapshots

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Tiny Cars 001
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