Jonne the Metal Elk

Jonne 001
Jonne the Metal Elk
Favorite animalMoose / Reindeer
Favorite travel destinationFinland / Scandinavia
Where I met my humansIKEA, Germany

About Jonne

Jonne is a fun little Elk from Finland, living with his human mom in Germany. The little elk used to live an enjoyable life in Finland, wandering around in the forests. Suddenly, everything went dark, and when he woke up, he found himself in a huge cage among other plushie mooses at a German IKEA store. One day, a woman came to the store and rescued the little elk, becoming his new human mom. After his adventurous adoption, Jonne was granted a good, new life in Germany with his mom. Together, they love to visit Jonne’s old home in Finland every once in a while.

Jonne and his humans like to do amooseing things like traveling through Europe, enjoying concerts, visiting festivals and practicing Jonne’s moosed favorite Finnish hobby: Kalsarikännit; or, getting ‘pantsdrunk’! Sometimes Jonne get a little bit tipsym though, and passes out during festivals. Unfortunately for him, his mom likes to take pictures of these ‘special’ moments! The little elk and his humans do a lot of other things together as well, like baking Christmas cookies, watching ice hockey, or decorating the apartment.

Travel with Jonne

Jonne has already been to a couple of countries in Europe: he visited Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Additionally, in 2022, he also got to see New Mexico, in the United States. Still, his favorite destination will always be Finland. The tiny elk enjoys the Finnish cultural, the urban atmosphere of Helsinki, and the pure rural landscapse with all the forests, lakes and swamps in middle and northern Finland. Finland is known for its beautiful and diverse nature, which is shaped by its location in the northernmost parts of Europe. The country is covered by extensive forests, crystal-clear lakes, and thousands of islands along its coastline. Whenever Jonne returns home, he’s already looking forward to his next journey back! Aside from Finland, Jonne also enjoys Italy very much. He’s been to lake Garda, touched Juliet’s breast in Verona (only to receive good luck of course!), and enjoyed the famous mountain views in south Tyrol.

Jonne’s Snapshots

Jonne 002
Jonne 001
Jonne 003

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