Allekleurtje “Akkie” Kleur
NameAllekleurtje Kleur
CountryThe Netherlands
Favorite animalCat
Favorite travel destinationHawaii, United States of America
Where I met my humansHengelo, the Netherlands

About Allekleurtje

Though she’s only the size of a chicken’s egg, Allekleurtje has a lot to offer. Over the course of her life, this colorful little plushie evolved from a sweet, pastel pink plushie doll into a powerful, brightly colored little ball. Her changes were detailed in the stories that were written about her: in the 1990s, Allekleurtje starred in her own series of short stories. In the stories, Allekleurtje played the role of a benevolent sorceress: the princess of an island situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between North America and Europe.

Allekleurtje continued playing her role as the wise sorceress in the Dutch comic books series “Witje” in the early 2000’s, which was headlined by her silly, feeble-minded brother Witje Kleur. Since birth, Allekleurtje has been offering her support to her humans. She still serves as an inspiration to them, motivating them to keep writing and to never let go of the magic that once was.

Travel with Allekleurtje

For most of her life, Allekleurtje toggled between the Dutch city of Hengelo, where she lived, and the southern city of Eindhoven, where her then-future-husband and his friends lived. Most summers, Allekleurtje would visit the Dutch island of Terschelling. Terschelling, one of the West Frisian Islands, is a beautiful isle featuring picturesque villages, an over 400-year-old yellow-brick lighthouse, and pristine white sand beaches as well as dense pine tree forests. Though Allekleurtje still frequently visits the island with her husband, she now travels all over the world, as she did in the stories she featured in.

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