Koalaroo Jones

Koalaroo Jones
Koalaroo Jones
NameKoalaroo Jones
Favorite animalKangaroo
Favorite travel destinationGrawin, Australia
Where I met my humansBrisbane, Australia

About Koalaroo

Koalaroo is one of Australia’s native critters. Though he was born a koala, he has always felt more at home hanging out with a mob of kangaroos. To fit in with Australia’s mighty bouncers, the little koala plushie tries to fasten his slow metabolism by running and going on Indiana Jones-style adventures, which is how he earned the nickname “Koalaroo Jones”. Though as a koala, Koalaroo is extremely fond of eucalyptus leaves, he has been attempting to switch to a diet of leaves and grass like “normal” kangaroos.

Koalaroo lives at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia. At the sanctuary, he helps take care of his own family, while still finding the time to hang out with his kangaroo friends. Koalaroo hopes to become a full fledged member of the Lone Pine kangaroo mob, but knows it will take a lot more bounce practice to make his dreams come true.

Traveling with Koalaroo

There’s nothing like the comfort of home. Koalaroo has greatly enjoyed exploring the vast, rich lands of Australia. From his home in Brisbane, he traveled deep into the Outback and explored most of the massive nation’s eastern and western shorelines. Koalaroo fondly remembers his trips to Grawin, and to the beaches of Look At Me Now Headland, in Emerald Beach: there, he found two loving packs of kangaroo’s who were happy to take him in. If Koalaroo could choose which destinations he would like to visit, it wouldn’t be all that far away: he would visit Kangaroo Island.

Koalaroo’s Snapshots

Koalaroo Jones
Koalaroo Jones
Koalaroo Jones

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