Lamy le Lama

Lamy 002
Lamy le Lama
NameLamy le Lama
Favorite animalLlama
Favorite travel destinationEverywhere!
Where I met my humansIn a mysterious and very distant land…

About Lamy le Lama

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in a very distant land, there was a little lama named Lamy. His childhood remains mysterious to this day. Rumors say he was raised by a pack of wolves, others say he was the child of a celebrity… It is still difficult today to disentangle the true from the false. The years passed and Lamy’s quest for adventure grew, so he decided to set out on the road to discover the world. Wherever he goes, his name remains on everyone’s lips, but even today few people can claim to really know him. If one day, at the bend in a street, you come across a little traveling Lama, do not hesitate to approach and greet him… But be careful, Lamy remains wild!

Travel with Lamy le Lama

Lamy has always loved traveling, but only decided to launch his Instagram account in 2020. Over the years, he has given himself the mission of traveling around France to introduce the world to the magnificent landscapes of this beautiful country. Lamy’s objective is to photograph the wonderful things he observes and tell their story. Aside from his travels in France, a few trips abroad are also worth noting: the little llama visited Brussels (Belgium), Rome (Italy), and Malta. And maybe more soon… so stay tuned, and follow the mysterious adventurer’s travels!

Lamy le Lama’s Snapshots

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