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Favorite animalElephant
Favorite travel destinationJerusalem
Where I met my humansGermany

About Fanti

When Fanti’s parents were in a stationery store, where his future human dad spotted the cute elephant and bought him as a little present for his mom. She was so happy that they have been inseparable since that day. It quickly became clear that Fanti was not satisfied with staying in bed every day. He didn’t want to be a simple sleeping stuffed animal, but wanted to take part in his humans’ lives. Fanti was very curious and inquisitive, loved planning trips with mum and dad, and devoured all travel guides.

Everything happened as it had to happen; Fanti became a recognized member of the family and from then on traveled with his humans through the world. But even at home, this little elephant is bursting with energy and friendliness. He loves sweet things like cakes and biscuits, which he also likes to secretly bake at night to make the whole family happy the next morning…. and of course a bit for himself too.

Travel with Fanti

Fanti was on the road for one year before he created his Instagram account, but was enjoying his trip so much he forgot to take pictures. Nowadays, he is more thoughtful, allowing his humans to photograph him. He has a lot of fun presenting his holiday photos to the plushie community. Fanti found Jerusalem particularly impressive. He doesn’t talk about it much today, but it was a magical place for him. He also gets enthusiastic about Paris and its numerous sights. He likes art exhibitions and galleries, of which there were very nice ones in Paris as well as in Nice, which of course he visited. The water city of Venice and Bella Roma were also some of his personal highlights. This year he has decided to travel to America, since he has actually never been there.

Fanti’s Snapshots

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