Tedd 001
CityMalaga / Puerto de la Cruz
Favorite animalDog / Cat / Horse
Favorite travel destinationSpain
Where I met my humansSpain

About Tedd

Tedd was born in the Canary Islands and loves Spain. You can always find the teddy bear and his two little friends and Mama Bear by his side. They live in the Puerto de la Cruz on the Canary Islands, but are often on the other islands or the mainland. Puerto de la Cruz is this chill and vibrant town nestled in the Canary Islands, which form Spain’s tropical getaway up off the northwest coast of Africa. It’s like a mini paradise with black sand beaches, swaying palm trees, and a laid-back vibe that’s practically contagious. The whole Canary Islands scene is like a mixtape of nature’s greatest hits – you’ve got lush forests, towering volcanoes, and the clearest blue waters you’ve ever seen. Tedd loves the mountains and the sea and is always on his way to the next adventure.

Travel with Tedd

Get ready for an amazing Spanish adventure with Tedd! Tedd loves exploring Spain and its many beautiful destinations. Aside from the mesmerizing Canary Islands – these gems off the African coast – Tedd greatly enjoyed wandering the gorgeous Malaga, where sunny beaches, historic vibes, and seriously tasty tapas set the mood. The city additionally hosts the Alcazaba fortress and the Picasso Museum. When island hopping further away from home, Tedd likes to visit the Balearic Islands, where you will find Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca. So, whether he is beach-hopping in the Canaries, exploring the culture in Malaga, or partying it up in the Balearics, you can bet your sunglasses that Tedd is feeling right at home everywhere.

Tedd’s Snapshots

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