Finbar the Bruce

Finbar the Bruce 002
Finbar the Bruce
NameFinbar the Bruce
Favorite animalKoala
Favorite travel destinationEverywhere!
Where I met my humansI was made by one of them and given to the other one as a birthday gift.

About Finbar

Finbar the Bruce was hand-sewn in 2010 by Kyle (a.k.a. ‘Travel Companion No. 1’), who made the little teddy bear for Bridget (a.k.a. ‘Travel Companions No. 2’) as a birthday gift. Since then Finbar has accompanied the couple on all their travels, but only recently started coming out of the knapsack for photos. Kyle isn’t the only one skilled at sewing: since he purchased a sewing machine for Bridget in 2020, she has been using it to make Finbar many beautiful outfits. Since Kyle is an official member of the Bruce clan from Scotland, Finbar was attributed the name ‘the Bruce’. Both Kyle and Bridget are trained teachers, which allows Finbar to add lots of interesting information to the pictures of the places he visits. Finbar joined Instagram in 2019, where he ‘was lucky enough to find the wonderful Plushie Community’. The little bear became a valued member of the community and was often featured on The Instaplushies.

Travel with Finbar

Finbar prefers natural environments and historical sites to modern big cities. The little bear and his humans are not big “foodies” and will often skip dinner and save the cash to be used to visit a museum or participate in a local activity. Finbar’s travel companions became PADI Open Water divers in 2020 and PADI Advanced Open Water divers in 2021. Since then they have incorporated scuba diving into their travels, which Finbar greatly enjoys as well. The world is full of great diving spots that offer unique experiences. From the clear waters of the Caribbean to the colorful coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, and the waters around Thailand which are known for their abundance of marine life, there is something for every level of diver. For Finbar, it isn’t easy to choose a favorite travel destination. After all, his motto is ‘I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list!’

Finbar’s Snapshots

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Finbar contributed to our wildlife preservation campaign by making a donation.

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