Miguelito the Sloth

Miguelito the Sloth 02
Miguelito the Sloth
NameMiguelito the Sloth
CityBorn in Granada, raised in Maubeuge
CountrySpain / France
Favorite animalSloth
Favorite travel destinationSpain
Where I met my humansParque de las Ciencias, Granada

About Miguelito the Sloth

Miguelito is a sloth with some very cool tattoos, a great fan of all things Disney, and an admirer of the band Måneskin. He loves traveling as much as he loves sleeping, and is always in the mood for some cuddles. Miguelito was born in Granada, a beautiful city located in southern Spain, known for its rich history, charming streets, cozy cafes, and delicious tapas bars where you can indulge in the local cuisine. From Granada, Miguelito moved to Maubeuge, a small town located in the Nord department of France, near the Belgian border. While it may not be the most bustling or glamorous city, it does have a certain charm and coziness to it. Living in Maubeuge means enjoying a slower pace of life, with plenty of green spaces and parks to relax in. Perfect for a sloth!

Travel with Miguelito the Sloth

Miguelito explored many places in Europe, such as Brussels and the French West coast, but feels there’s no place like home: Andalucía is the best place in the world! Andalucía has a unique and vibrant feel to it. The warm and sunny climate, combined with stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage, make it a popular destination for expats and retirees to live – and for travelers to visit! Since moving to France, however, Miguelito found a new home in the mesmerizing Disneyland Paris. In the future, Miguelito would love to explore Canada, Japan, and Hawaii.

Miguelito the Sloth’s Snapshots

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