Assi 002
Favorite animalDuck
Favorite travel destinationItaly
Where I met my humansNuremberg, Germany

About Assi

Assi is a model, stylist, blogger, and fashionista. The little duck runs her very own fashion blog on Instagram. Assi was born in 1998, and has been with her human ever since! Living in Nürnberg, Germany, Assi has two biological sisters, Bassi and Julia, many adopted siblings, and a dog. Nürnberg is a historic city in Bavaria. It is located on the Pegnitz River and is the second-largest city in Bavaria after Munich. The city is well known for its medieval city center, its many examples of gothic architecture, the Imperial Castle of Nürnberg, and its numerous festivals and events, such as the Nürnberg Christmas Market. The city has a vibrant cultural life, with a number of theaters, opera houses, and concert venues.

Travel with Assi

Being a duck, Assi loves water and enjoys going to the beach – making summer her favorite holiday. In the past, she visited the Bodensee (or Lake Constance in English), the largest in Germany, bordering Austria and Switzerland. It is an important habitat for numerous species of birds (of course, ducks included), fish, and aquatic plants, including the endangered European pond turtle. Loving lakes, Assi also spent time at the sunny Lake Garda in Italy. Located in the north of the country, it is surrounded by the stunning Alps and is a major draw for outdoor enthusiasts, who come to explore the lake’s many hiking trails, windsurf, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The lake itself is exceptionally deep – 346 meters – but for Assi, that’s no problem. Assi hopes to visit more famous cities in the future.

Assi’s Snapshots

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