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Review: Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, 2012.

When I started watching Hotel Transylvania (2012) I was unaware that it would take such a comical stab at my current situation. In just four days time, I am moving to Transylvania, after having traveled there with my backpack last year. Seeing fellow 21-year old backpacker Jonathan stumble upon Dracula’s hotel in true backpacker style, while passing through the same regions I visited really made me fall in love with this movie! Jonathan’s endless stories of ‘inspiring travel’ and his undying love for his backpack were hilarious. It reminded me a lot of how crazy packer life can be!

The movie itself is a neat comedy that takes a bunch of stale, wasted monsters and gives them refreshing new personalities. The movie introduces Dracula as the over-protective father of his 118-year-old daughter Mavis. The Romanian hotel Dracula runs is occupied by all sorts of monsters looking for peace and tranquility in a place without pesky humans with pitchforks. The guests are a pleasure to watch and especially Wayne, Dracula’s worn-down werewolf friend (played by Steve Buscemi), adds a lot of fun to the movie as the father of far over a dozen pups. I was surprised to find so many funny references in this new animated film and therefore it feels like a good recommendation right before moving into Dracula’s hotel myself!

Official poster (Credit: Hotel Transylvania)

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