Toy Influencers: Plushies with a Following

Nowadays, the social media influencer sphere includes anything from teachers and farmers to cats and dogs. A select few influencers can be found in Instagram’s most cuddly niche: the plushie community. Many of these toy influencers have more personality than most celebrity influencers: they share their daily lives, travel around the world and share their idyllic adventures with their followers.

The life of a Toy Influencer

Leopard plushie Fluffy has been traveling the world for over a decade. During his many adventures, Fluffy and his humans were lucky enough to engage with individuals from all walks of life, listening to their stories and learning about their daily lives. Over time, Fluffy built up a large network of travelers and toy influencers. Through his website and Instagram account, Fluffy hopes to share their stories with his followers, and share his own experiences of life on the open road. In between travels, the plushie influencer shares his daily life with his audience, which consist of both kids and adults with a passion for both traveling and for stuffed animals!

Since his debut on Instagram in 2019, Fluffy has become one of the most popular plushies on Instagram, and he has formed partnerships with a variety of brands, shops and tourism professionals to integrate them into his many adventures.

Influencers who embrace the plushie community

Outside of the toy influencer community, there are many other creative individuals who embrace the sweet and well-spirited nature of stuffed animals, by allowing them a feature in their posts. Some of them use their plushies to inspire a sense of wonder, while others use them to accentuate the cheeky nature of their pictures. We’ve selected a few of our favorite pictures of influencers who shared their feed with a stuffed animal.

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