Let’s be honest: we love sloths because they are a bit slow. So get into the flow of these lovely, long-armed creatures and start relaxing! Sloths make for great cuddles, as they love to sleep, relax, and sleep some more. You’ll never have to worry about a sloth plushie getting away, as they simply move too slow to get anywhere!

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Here are some of the cutest, most lovable plushie sloths!

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Sloth plushie characteristics

With their long legs, tiny ears, and short snout, sloth plushies closely resemble monkey plushies. They distinguish themselves from monkeys and apes, however, with their short or non-existent tail, flat head, clawed feet, and long fur. Like pandas and tigers, sloth plushies also feature two dark circles around their eyes, which are meant to fend off predators – but can be utilized to make them look extra cute.

Famous Sloths (available as stuffed animals)

Sloths have become incredibly popular over the last few years. Most sloth plushies are based on original designs: due to the creature’s rise in popularity, many stuffed animal designers chose to include the sloth in their repertoire. Still, there are a few famous sloths out there as well. The first sloth character to gain popularity and have a stuffed animal modeled after him was the clumsy, dimwitted sloth Sid from Ice Age (2002). Sid served as the comic relief throughout the franchise and has an odd, misshapen look.

Zootopia (2016) later introduced Flash Slothmore, an anthropomorphic sloth working at the Department of Mammal Vehicles. Nicknamed ‘Flash’ for being the fastest sloth at his job, Flash’ starring scene in the film used his incredibly slow work process as a source of comedy. Though he was only a minor character in the film, his popularity gained him plushie-status.

Finally, there’s the tiny Belt, a cute three-toed sloth who belongs to the character Guy from The Croods (2013). Belt has red fur, with a peach-like face. The little sloth has big turquoise eyes, and is often seen hanging around Guy's waist with his incredibly long arms; this earned him the name ‘belt’.