Second to the elephant, the giraffe is the most popular safari animal plushie out there. Giraffes are incredible, majestic animals. Their long necks and yellow and brown coloring make them instantly recognizable. There’s really nothing quite like a giraffe. Buying a giraffe plushie means buying a unique, wonderful friend.

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Here are some of the cutest, most lovable plushie giraffes!

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Giraffe plushie characteristics

Since plushies can be made to any size, stuffed animal giraffes aren’t necessarily as tall as the animals they’re based on. Giraffes themselves are the world's tallest mammals. In plushie form, their towering legs and long necks are often shortened quite a bit to allow the plushies to keep their shape. Still, there are some giraffe plushies that do adhere to a giraffe’s original proportions. These stuffed animals are often made of stronger, harder materials. What most giraffe plushies do have in common is their yellow and/or brown spots. Giraffe plushies slightly resemble llama plushies, as they both have relatively long necks.

The giraffe is the most popular model when it comes down to giant stuffed animals. There are giraffe stuffed animals reaching 2 feet (0,6 m.), 8 feet (2,4 m.), or even more. Toy company Melissa & Doug, known for producing a series of giant stuffed animals, created one of the most popular giant giraffes of all, the 4-foot-tall Melissa & Doug Giraffe.

Famous Giraffes (available as stuffed animals)

The most famous fictional giraffe who had a stuffed animal modeled after him is Melman, the hypochondriac giraffe from Madagascar (2005) and its sequels and spin-offs. On the Disney side, you’ll find plushies based on the small baby giraffe who starred in the opening scene of The Lion King (1994).

With few other famous giraffes to draw inspiration from, most other giraffe plushies are original creations. They range in color from bright yellow to dark brown and can have short, stubby necks, or proportionately accurate long ones.