A stuffed animal can be a great source of comfort, and a great friend. Stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes, and can resemble anything from a cute dog or a big alligator, to an anthropomorphic airplane or a delicious looking avocado.

Plushies are often bought as gifts for children, friends or lovers, but they can also be great gifts for adults. The cuddly creatures make for great gifts on birthdays and baby showers, and are also frequently bought for the holidays and other happy occasions – a popular example being the Valentine’s Day teddy bear. This is because they serve many purposes: stuffed animals can be cuddly friends, they make for cute decorations, and they are sometimes even used as travel mascots. Of course, not every cuddly toy has to be bought as a gift: you can also treat yourself with one!

At The Bite-sized Backpacker, we’ve selected some of the very best stuffed animals out there, based on the top 25 plushies from our ‘top 150 most popular stuffed animals’. Ordering a plushie through our site will not only ease your browsing experience; you’ll also be supporting wild cats around the world!

Buy a Plushie, support a good cause

Buying a stuffed animal through our website means you directly support the conservation of the world’s wild cat population, as well as the preservations of their habitats. Since our adorable-yet-naughty travel mascot Fluffy is a leopard himself, we donate part of our earnings to causes that protect leopards, tigers, lions and other wild cats around the world.

We are proud to say that every stuffed animal who finds a home through our website, will make a contribution to the happiness of Fluffy’s family living in the wild!

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Buy a Teddy Bear

The classic teddy bear is still the most popular stuffed animal out there. From its origin in the time of Theodore Roosevelt until this very day, more stuffed animals have been sold worldwide than any other type of plushie. Here are some of the cutest, most lovable teddy bears money can buy! Perhaps you would even like to ‘supersize’ your teddy?

Buy a Stuffed Animal Dog

Are dogs more popular than cats? In the world of plushies, they are. Dog plushies outranked cats in our Top 150! Buying a stuffed animal dog can be a great substitute for a real dog, when there’s no room, time or money to get a real pet. Still, even if you own a dog or another type of pet, a dog plushie will add that extra little layer of love for those who just can’t get enough of them.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Cat

Though slightly less popular than dog plushies, cat plushies still find themselves at number 3 in the Top 150. Whereas real cats only allow for cuddles when they feel like it, stuffed animal cats can be charmed for a cuddle session at any time. Further down this list you’ll find plenty of wild cats, but for now, here are our top picks for buying cat plushies!

Buy a Stuffed Bunny

With their long droopy ears, fluffy tails and wiggling noses, it’s no surprise bunnies made it to the top 5 of most popular stuffed animals. Plushie bunnies are equally soft – if not softer – than their real life counterparts. One of the most famous bunny in the world lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This little bunny goes by the adorable name of Nijntje Pluis, or as she’s known abroad: Miffy!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Elephant

The elephant is a classic wild animal which has found its way into the hearts of people worldwide. The majestic creatures charm the world with their big ears and their long trunks. It is no wonder elephant plushies appeared in our list of most popular plushies right after domestic creatures such as dogs, cats and bunnies. Elephant plushies are incredibly popular, and you can buy many different designs.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Monkey

Monkeys are versatile and flexible, and make for some of the most adorable, cute-yet-clumsy looking stuffed animals. Buying a monkey plushie is like buying a friend. A monkey stuffed animal can be a great playmate, as their flexibility often allows them to perform many great tricks. Or perhaps they are so relatable because they are very humanlike?

Buy a Stuffed Animal Unicorn

Stuffed animals show us there’s still a little bit of magic left in the world. And what’s more magical than a unicorn? The mythological horses with their majestic horns have become immensely popular over the past few years, and the popularity of the unicorn plushie naturally follow. We’ve selected a few of the best unicorn stuffed animals you can buy online.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Dragon

There’s no doubt the popular television series Game of Thrones (2011-2019) influenced the rise in popularity of the dragon plushie. Who doesn’t want to be the ‘Mother (or Father) of Dragons’? Though dragon plushies are rarer than most other plushies on this list, there are some great designs for sales – some even resembling the dragons from Game of Thrones!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Panda

The panda bear is the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund, a great organization specialized in endangered species conservation. The big, dark spots around their eyes make pandas look fearsome to predators, but make them look equally adorable as a result. No wonder most panda plushies have such large, beautiful eyes! It makes them simply irresistible.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Fox

The fox plushie closed out our top 10 most popular stuffed animals. Foxes are mostly known for their beautiful, bushy tails. They are cunning, intelligent creatures, and make for great plushie friends. In Japanese folklore, the kitsune – meaning fox – is a spirit serving as a messenger to the greater Shinto spirits. These fox spirits are believed to possess superior intelligence and magical powers, so it can’t help to keep one around!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Horse

Humans and horses have a lengthy history between them. The first horses were domesticated in central Asia, over 5,500 years ago! Luckily, you won’t have to break in your horse plushie. They are sold fully domesticated and ready for cuddles! Just pick one of these cute horse stuffed animals, saddle up, and ride into that sunset!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Sloth

Let’s be honest: we love sloths because they are a bit slow. So get into the flow of these lovely, long-armed creatures and start relaxing! Sloths make for great cuddles, as they love to sleep, relax, and sleep some more. You’ll never have to worry about a sloth plushie getting away, as they simply move too slow to get anywhere!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Tiger

One of the most prominent features of a tiger is its amazing striped pattern. Though their real life counterparts can be quite ferocious, a tiger plushie will often have a more gentle nature. You can love them, pet them, and take them anywhere! Tiger stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has a unique pattern of stripes – just like real tigers!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Giraffe

Second to the elephant, the giraffe is the most popular safari animal plushie out there. Giraffes are incredible, majestic animals. Their long necks and yellow and brown coloring make them instantly recognizable. There’s really nothing quite like a giraffe. Buying a giraffe plushie means buying a unique, wonderful friend!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Penguin

There’s no need to travel to Antarctica or New Zealand to see penguins! Penguins can be found in most toy shops around the world. The plushie kind, of course! Instead of cold and wet, they are warm and dry, and ready for cuddling. Did you known that when penguins get cold, they stand together as close as they can, forming a circle to keep each other warm? Time to prepare yourself for winter, and buy some penguin plushies! Maybe these would make for nice Christmas gifts?

Buy a Stuffed Animal Owl

This creature of the night became quite popular as a stuffed animal due to its naturally big eyes. Big eyes are always a big plus when it comes to stuffed animals, but the owl beats them all – without even trying! There are plenty of cute looking owl stuffed animals out there, and we’ve selected the very best here for you to buy.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Pig

What made the pig plushie such a best seller? Perhaps its bright, pink colors? Or its silly, rounded snout? Or maybe it’s the cute, curly tail? We’re not sure, but we do know pigs make for great stuffed animals. If you’ve made a mess of your room, raided the cookie jar, or ate all of the potato chips, just blame the pig! Buy yourself one of these cute scapegoats, and you’ll be safe!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Llama

Around 2017, the llama was introduced as “the new unicorn”. The world was flooded with llama merchandise, the cute ‘Llama With No Drama’ became a hit on Instagram, and couples even rented ‘therapy llamas’ to spice up their wedding day. Ever since the llama moved into the spotlight, toy shops have been selling llama plushies. We’ve selected some of the cutest, fluffiest designs for you!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Wolf

Howl like a wolf and run off with one of the furry creatures! Like dogs, wolfs have a pack mentality. Once they find a home, they remain ever loyal. A wolf plushie will protect you no matter what! Wolf plushies are just as soft and cuddly as dog plushies, but they still have a little bit of a ‘wild’ side. Below you’ll find some of the coolest wolf plushies you can buy.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Turtle

Both land turtles and sea turtles are incredibly popular as stuffed animals. The turtles display both the strength and endurance of the animals in our world, but also display how fragile nature can be, and how important it is for us to protect them. Give these soft-shelled creatures a good cuddle every once in a while! Buying a stuffed animal turtle through our site will help support the world’s wildlife conservation efforts.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Lion

The king of the African savannah peaked in popularity during the mid ’90’s, when Disney’s The Lion King (1994) first came out. Though the popularity of lion stuffed animals has faded a bit since then, the cuddly kings are still among the top choices in plushie gifts. Much like the elephant plushies and giraffe plushies, lions and other savannah animals will probably always maintain a strong popularity.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Frog

Frog plushies turn the famous amphibians into soft, cuddly critters. Like owls, frogs have relatively large eyes, which make them very suitable subjects to base stuffed animal designs on. There are even some adorable tadpole plushies available, which take the frog plushies to the next level. Frogs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the stuffed animal frogs based on them.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Alien

From generic aliens to pop-culture icons, there are hundreds of stuffed aliens out there. Popular pop-culture designs are based on the xenomorph from Alien (1979), the Little Green Men from Toy Story (1995), Yoda from Star Wars (1977), the Child from The Mandalorian (2019), and Zhdun, an alien based on a statue by Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort.

Buy a Stuffed Animal Dinosaur

There are currently over 700 different species of dinosaurs that have been identified and named. Among the most famous ones are the tyrannosaurus Rex, the brachiosaurus, the triceratops, the velociraptor and the stegosaurus. All of these monstrous, primal lizards have since been turned into dinosaur plushies. Dinosaur plushies can be cute and cartoonish, but some have very realistic designs. When it comes to stuffed animal dinosaurs, they’re something for everyone!

Buy a Stuffed Animal Sheep

Nothing says “fluffy” better than a sheep. We relate sheep to soft sheep wool, and the habit of counting them to help us falling asleep. It’s not hard to see why sheep make for such excellent bedtime toys! Because of this, stuffed animal sheep are very popular as gifts for babies. Whether they are big and round, or small and cute, sheep plushies are a mainstay in many toy shops.

Alternative Stuffed Animals

There are, of course, hundreds of other animals and objects which inspired stuffed animal designs. There are plushies based on farm animals (such as cows and chickens), savannah animals (such as zebras and jaguars), sea creatures (such as walruses and salmon), and odd creatures like axolotls, viruses, and isopods. Additionally, celestial objects make for excellent alternative plushies, as well as body parts, foods, spirits, and inanimate objects. We’ve selected some of the most amazing, crazy, and cuddly plushies for you, which you can buy online.

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