Fluffy’s Adventures: Southeast Asia & the Pacific


Can’t get enough of Fluffy’s cute whiskers? Put him on your shelf! Fluffy’s humans designed and published this wonderful storybook based on his adventures in Southeast Asia and the Pacific for all to read!


Fluffy’s Storybook

Snuggle up with your partner, your children, your plushies , or your pets to enjoy this lovely book filled with hundreds of stories and pictures from life on the open road! 🐾

Allow cuddly globetrotter Fluffy to take you around the world in this beautiful, full-colorful storybook slash travelguide! After living one year in exotic Thailand, visiting the country’s lively floating markets and celebrating its most famous festivals, stuffed animal Fluffy embarked on an epic eight month journey across borders.

Follow Fluffy as he explores the ancient temples of Cambodia, hikes active volcanoes in Indonesia, rides a motorcycle through Vietnam’s rice paddies, scales snow capped mountains in New Zealand and feeds wild kangaroos in the Australian outback: Fluffy’s adventures in Southeast Asia and the Pacific are now captured within this book lovely storybook.

After living one year in the Land of Smiles, Fluffy travelled through Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia, visiting 122 exotic destinations. Learn more about the many places he visited on his epic journey and meet all the lovely, amazing and inspiring humans he met along the way in this adventurous storybook, featuring hundreds of pictures and stories based on Fluffy’s adventures.

~ Fluffy’s Adventures: Southeast Asia and the Pacific

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