Fluffy in Dubrovnik

Stuffed animal asks Daenerys Targaryen to bend the knee

Currently, in the midst of its final season, people around the world are under the spell of HBO’s Game of Thrones. It seems, though, that it doesn’t stop there! On Instagram, Globetrotting stuffed animal Fluffy, also known as The Bite-Sized Backpacker, decided to visit some of the popular fantasy series’ most iconic locations in Dubrovnik, Croatia… and in doing so, he (nicely) requested Daenerys to bend the knee.

Fluffy on the Iron Throne
Fluffy on the Iron Throne (Credit: The Bite-Sized Backpacker)

The fluffy Instagrammer’s origins lie within the world of film itself: after serving as a prop in a local amateur film, Fluffy became a travel mascot, visiting over 400 destinations in 46 countries, as he describes on his website thebitesizedbackpacker.com.

Recently, Fluffy visited the Croatian coastal city of Dubrovnik, which was used to bring the iconic scenery of King’s Landing to life in the popular TV series based on the books written by George R. R. Martin. The view from Fortress Lovrijenac – used for filming scenes set within the Red Keep – shows the wonderfully iconic scenery of Dubrovnik.

Fluffy in Dubrovnik
Fluffy in Dubrovnik (Credit: The Bite-Sized Backpacker)

Fluffy’s Game of Thrones tour included a number of famous places. He visited the Dubrovnik West Harbour (“Blackwater Bay”), where Stannis Baratheon was defeated during the Battle of Blackwater Bay and climbed the steps near the bay where part of the “slaughter of the innocents” was filmed; the massacre of Robert Baratheon’s bastards to erase Joffrey’s competition for the throne.

Fluffy in Dubrovnik
Fluffy in Dubrovnik (Credit: The Bite-Sized Backpacker)

Just off the coast of the city, Fluffy visited the island of Lokrum, where many scenes were filmed for Daenerys Targaryen’s stopover in the city of Qarth in the show’s second season.

Fluffy in Dubrovnik
Fluffy observing Lokrum Island (Credit: The Bite-Sized Backpacker)
Fluffy on Lokrum Island
Fluffy on Lokrum Island (Credit: The Bite-Sized Backpacker)

Dubrovnik wasn’t the cuddly traveler’s first rodeo as a film location tourist: Fluffy previously visited several locations from the Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand, including the lovely Hobbiton, and visited the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, where Malekith the Accursed crashed down on Earth to wreak havoc in Thor: The Dark World.

Fluffy in Greenwich
Fluffy lands in the same spot as Thor in Greenwich (Credit: The Bite-Sized Backpacker)

Are you an avid film location hunter? Would you love to explore Dubrovnik for yourself? And most importantly: will you bend the knee?

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