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Review: Perfect Sense (2011)

Directed by David Mackenzie, 2011.

Perfect Sense (2011); the story of a chef and a scientist. When an epidemic robs the world’s population of their sense of smell, chef Michael tries to cope with the situation by adding extra appeal to his restaurants’ palette of tastes. Meanwhile, scientist Susan is failing to find out what caused the outbreak. Before she, or anyone else, finds out how to restore their sense of smell, the epidemic strikes again and takes away their sensory perception of tastes.

Perfect Sense has a perfect build-up and offers a very surrealistic, dreamlike movie experience. The film appeals to the senses and explores what might happen if we lost our sensory perceptions. How do the deaf or the blind cope with life on a daily basis? How can a meal still be considered ‘good’ if we cannot smell it, or taste it? And how long would it take for society to get back on its feet? Perfect Sense is a beautiful and romantic exploration of our own senses.

Official poster (Credit: Perfect Sense)

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