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Review: ParaNorman (2012)

Directed by Chris Butler & Sam Fell, 2012.

We are truly at the dawn of a zombie apocalypse. In April, the Evil Dead (2013) will crawl out of their grave for the fourth time, while Brad Pitt tries to halt a dawning zombie pandemic that sets the world on a crash course towards a social meltdown in World War Z (2013), all the while Teresa Palmer starts shagging the undead, Twilight-style in Warm Bodies (2013), and Milla Jovovich plans to take out the dead again and again and again and again Resident Evil 6 & 7 (TBA). So who’s to say the Maya’s where wrong?

ParaNorman (2012) is one of several animated features that embraced the (zombie) horror theme this year, forecasting 2013’s zombie blockbuster apocalypse. It’s almost as if the pandemic of the undead (predicted by websites such as 9gag, 4chan, and Reddit) is slowly growing up, first targeting the young, then taking out the elder. ParaNorman however proves to be anything but a children’s movie. The film displays beautiful dark visuals and has a strong script at its heart. The story, which features the eleven-year-old Norman who is able to speak to the dead, might sound simplistic, but Norman and his friends will give you a really good taste for the dead.

Official poster (Credit: ParaNorman)

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