The Leopard Print: Fashionable Spots

The leopard print is hot once again! Of course, I knew this all along – I’ve been wearing mine since the day I was born! Though my spots were slightly bleached by the sun during my many years of travel, I still take great pride in my spots.

The popularity of the leopard print

Leopard spots – and other animal prints – have been popular throughout history. Cavemen used the skins of the animals they ate to make clothing, and early kings used to wear mantles made out of leopard skins to show their riches. The animal skins were considered exotic and were very costly at the time. Other high-placed individuals would equally use them to show their wealth: the skins of exotic animals were often used to decorate the walls and floors of houses, mansions and castles.

The use of animal skins in clothing

Though fabric printing developed to the point were real furs were no longer needed to create a natural look, the fur industry still maintains its grip on the fashion industry. Many popular influencer models still wear the skins of animals and high-end designers still incorporate them into their designs, regardless of the lives that are taken for them to create their art.

The barbaric ritual of killing animals in the name of fashion has become less common and there are many heroic organizations who aim to protect exotic animals from poachers. Unfortunately, there are still countless of animals worldwide who meet a cruel fate in order to become part of someone’s wardrobe.

While I’m a big fan of humans wearing the pattern of my species, other wild cats and animals – exotic or not – I firmly believe the human world can continue to enjoy our beautiful patterns without the need of actual animal skins. Faux fur and printing have been developed to perfection, making it unnecessary for any human to wear a real animal skin ever again.

Leopard print clothing and other designs

Nowadays, the leopard print is especially popular in women’s clothing. You can find dresses, pullovers, shirts and shoes decorated with leopard spots, and some women even wear the beautiful design on their bikini’s. During the summer of 2020, many women dressed themselves in a variety of classy skirts decorated with my family’s design.

A nice leopard print skirt or dress can help create a variety of looks: from casual to classy, our pattern easily completes any look you try to create. Additionally, leopards themselves are a fashionable symbol of strength and emancipation. Our image is often used on shirt and tote bags. I received the honor myself to have my portrait drawn by manga artist Saeki Kensuke from Kyoto, who’s design you can now use to complete your own cuddly-but-cool look! Through my RedBubble shop, I offer cute leopard t-shirts, sweaters and more.

The leopard print is considered one of the top four designs in animal print garments. The other contenders are zebra prints, snakeskin and tiger stripes. Of course, I fully agree with the zebra strips, as they make humans look so much more appetizing.

Popular leopard print clothes for women

From leopard print dresses to leopard print skirts and scarfs, I’m proud to see you can buy my beautiful print on so many human clothes these days – eco-friendly, and without hurting a single leopard!

The downfall and resurgence of the leopard print

From the moment the animal print became easy to print on clothing, every human who wished to resemble a ferocious leopard such as myself could have their wish come true. This also meant that the design’s luxurious status was dealt a firm blow. Though animal prints in general were considered to be a sign of wealth and luxury in the past, they became so widespread during the 1970s and 1980s that they fell from grace; people started viewing the designs as tacky and low-brow.

Schattig luipaard t-shirt van The Bite-Sized Backpacker
Zie ik er niet life uit als manga luipaard? (Foto: The Bite-Sized Backpacker / Saeki Kensuke)

Celebrities who love the leopard print

Still, every once in a while, animal prints make their way back into fashion. During the 2019 fashion season, the leopard print had a major comeback. You can still enjoy the many pictures of humans decorating themselves in my family’s designs on Instagram, and I’ve made a little selection for you, spotting the best designs preferred by some of Instagram’s most popular influencers!

Is there a leopard print lover you feel we’ve missed? Let us know!

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